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Tune In Tuesday #Curly2Straight Twitter Party!

Tune In Tuesday #Curly2Straight Twitter Party!


Everyone knows that I am one of those bloggers that straightens my hair from time to time. I am not afraid of a little heat! Yes, I have had my hair burned in the past by some stylists (“trained” professionals) but I have never burned my hair myself. I like straightening my own hair because I have learned the limits of how much my hair can take. I don’t put a crazy high amount of heat and I only pass the ceramic iron through ONCE. I have learned several helpful tips over the years since I have been straightening my natural hair since 2003 when I first went natural.

Please join us on Twitter Tuesday at 2pm with celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen,  vlogger Taren Guy and and Motions Hair.   If you are unfamiliar with a Twitter party, you use the hashtag #Curly2Straight and ask us questions about natural hair and straightening and make sure you follow all of us so you can keep up with the conversation.

Check out my post on me straightening my hair with Motions 3 Step Heat Style System HERE