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Trimming Your Own Natural Hair- Why I Trim Mine

Trimming Your Own Natural Hair- Why I Trim Mine

I trim my own hair from time to time. Sometimes because I wear my hair in its natural state the majority of the time, it’s hard to see if I have split ends. The sure way for ME to tell when I need a trim is when I do two strand twists and the bottom doesn’t curl at the end of the twists. If its raggedy or jagged and just looks janky at the bottom, I know it’s time for a trim! Also, when I get those balls of hair toward the end, I know it’s time to cut them off.

So I was re-doing my twist out (on dry hair) ┬áthis weekend and saw my ends weren’t looking hot so I pulled out the scissors and clipped the bad ends. I didn’t do it to every twist because some of the ends seemed fine. I am a “Search & Destroy” type of person so I don’t just trim all of my hair. I trim what needs to be “destroyed”.

Here are my twists:

DSC_0551 DSC_0550

And here is the hair I cut:


Not too much hair but I could totally tell the difference when I took my dry twist out out the next day!

Do you trim your own hair from time to time?