Tribal Nails by Lexi

I tried doing tribal nails today. I think I did a great job for my first time and for someone who isn’t trained. What do you all think?  Used too many colors to 2 Sally Hansen Xtreme Nails , 2 Sinful Colors, and 1 China Glaze AND a nail art pen in black and white.

I got a new base coat and top coat from Sally’s today too. Its called European Secrets Base Coat and Top Coat. I will keep you all posted on to how long it lasts. I hope it lasts awhile. If not, Im just going to get a gel top coat and buy a UV nail lamp.



I was kinda making stuff up as I go. I have been trying to get the hang of the nail art pens…trying to keep a steady hand and trying to learn how much pressure to use with the pens…btw, I bought 24 nail art pens from eBay the other day. I can’t wait to get them!! I got 24 for a little over $10 which includes shipping. The ones I bought at the BSS cost me $1.99 a piece so I am saving $38 on getting them online.