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Tribal Braids + Individual Braids

Tribal Braids + Individual Braids

Braids have clearly been my thing for the summer. I literally have been obsessed with feed-in cornrows and braids. I had been wanting to try this style. It is feed-in cornrows in the front and individual braids in the back. I wanted to do this so I would have more movement and for volume.


This look I got for the end of the summer because I knew it would last awhile. They have been amazing for sweating and working out and super easy to maintain. Best of all, I loved that it worked for events where I had to dress up and just casual days. The versatility was great also, however, I normally just wear them down. Check out @n.skyee_did_it on Instagram.


img_3177-1.jpg img_3283-1.jpg img_3301.jpg img_3251-1.jpg img_3502-1.jpg img_3491-1.jpg 2017-09-11-00.20.46-1.jpg

We used colors 613 on the top and 27 on the bottom.

It’s been almost a month since I Have gotten them done and they have really held up.

Now what will my next hairstyle be??