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#TravelTuessday TSA Pre Check

#TravelTuessday TSA Pre Check


Let me tell you why signing up for TSA Pre-Check is the most amazing thing I have done!! Pre-Check is the most important thing you can have while traveling that allows you basically to “skip the line” at the airport when there are long crazy lines! I am one of those people (though I don’t recommend) that gets to the airport just in time so I don’t have time to wait in line.

When I realized that TSA Pre-Check was the most amazing thing in life, I was at the New Orleans airport the Monday after ESSENCE. The TSA line was back to the check in area with a guestimate of maybe 3,000 people. Even though I got to the airport well in enough time, I’m pretty sure if I had to wait in that line I may have missed my flight. I literally mosied past thousands of tired, hung over, upset people and was through security in literally 4 minutes.

If you are in a time crunch or even if you aren’t in a time crunch, it’s an amazing thing to have. You can get to your gate and actual take a break and enjoy some time before hopping on the flight. Trust me! Invest your money into this!

Here are the deets on how you can get TSA Pre Check:

  • You can sign up online with your basic information here
  • They schedule you an go into one of their offices (I don’t remember whether I paid online when scheduling the appointment or when I got to the appointment) Apparently you may just be able to go into an application center, but I would schedule an appointment.
  • At your appointment, they take your fingerprints and you answer a series of questions on a computer about whether you have any felonies, etc.
  • If all goes well, weeks later you receive your Known Traveler Number in the mail. Make sure you keep up with it because it’s not e-mailed to you which is a bummer so I took a pic of it and put it multiple places so I won’t lose it. You can also retrieve it on their website, but again, it’s not emailed to you or anything. Keep it in a safe place or you can just always log in to their site and retrieve it.

After you get your number, make sure you add it to your profile on every airline you travel. (All airlines don’t allow Pre Check) There have been several times that I apparently forgot to add it to my profile of an airline that I don’t frequently travel and then my ticket doesn’t pop up with the Pre Check notice. I used to get really frustrated because it appeared like I would sometimes get it and sometimes not. I figured I spent money on it so I should get it everytime. After complaining on Twitter, someone from TSA alerted me that I was doing the process wrong. When I purchase a new ticket, I should make sure my Known Traveler Number is included during the process. I double and triple check.

Bottom line, just make sure it’s in the system for that particular airline so you don’t get caught up thinking you have it for a particular flight and then you don’t have it. When you arrive to the airport and it’s not on your boarding pass, I don’t think you can give them your number there and they update it. I guess it’s possible, but I never tried it.

It is a great investment though!! If you travel frequently, do it!!! It’s worth the $85. Did I mention you don’t have to take your shoes off or your laptop out of the bag?? How easy will this make your travel life?!? VERY EASY. You can sign up for TSA Pre Check here