#TravelTuesday Preparing For Kenya

I head to Kenya in exactly one week and I am sooo excited. This will be my first time in Africa and I am so excited that I get to travel to Nairobi and also the Masaai Mara region of Kenya for a safari. I get a good mix of city life and safari life.

Passport Check. Your passport can’t expire within 6 months!

Vaccines  Ughhh!! Okay, so the only one required is Yellow Fever. In addition, I am going to get malaria pills. I have heard tons of horror stories about these pills, even from a co-worker of mine who contracted malaria while in Ghana. So the pills can make you sick and hallucinate. I am NOT looking forward to that at all. I am praying that I don’t get those side effects. It’s a 1 in 12 chance..so let’s hope I’m one of those 11 lol.

Clothes  Ughhh!! lol So I basically only want to bring carry-ons. I don’t check bags. It doesn’t matter where I am going, I stuff everything in just carry-ons. For one, I am going waayyyy too far to risk my luggage getting lost and it just makes life easier. I still have absolutely no idea what to wear on the safari! I am so lost. I know I should wear pants because of the bugs and light colors (but not white). Basically neutral tones and no black or dark blue- apparently those attract some bugs that have painful bites.

I don’t want to dress like this! lol


I mean, I want dope pics like this (below) but I’m sure a dress in the safari is not going to work! lol



All this week I will be on the prowl for something khaki, yet fashionable. I’ve been searching for a khaki jumpsuit for the past 3 weeks!

Sanity  Okay this is the biggest one. After the terrorist attacks earlier this year in Garissa, of course everyone is nervous about Kenya travel. My parents were not happy I was going and many others questioned why I would still want to go. To be honest, if I worried about everything that could happen to me, I wouldn’t even leave my house. One thing I had to do for my sanity is think positive thoughts. When you think positive , you will be surprised at the experiences you can have. No, I am not thinking about terrorist attacks that could happen while I am there (they could easily happen here or any other country- and they actually do happen). No, I am not going to go off by myself in strange alleys lol. I am basically going to do like I do in any country- make safe decisions and stay with others. I explained to my parents why I still wanted to go and while my mother is more comfortable with me going, I don’t think my dad is lol. But you know what? Sometimes you have to live. I have so many positive thoughts about this trip and I look forward to taking in all the beauty and culture that Kenya has to offer 🙂

I think I am good to go!! I will be packing this weekend to make sure I am straight. The Eagle Creek packing cubes will definitely be helping make my life more simple! ( Will do a post on my packing next week)

Oh, also, Uber in Nairobi gave me a code for any of my readers who will be in Nairobi up until August 30th! It’s for a free ride. If you have any friends traveling there, please share the code with them . Thanks Uber!

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  • jbwphoto1

    When you mentioned not going down any strange alleys, I immediately thought of Steve Harvey’s routine about the trip he took to Africa. He explains this long letter you get while still at home about what to do, what to bring, what not to do and what not to bring. He said the letter clearly states to stay with the others on the path and about if you have to go out at night. “The letter” also told of not bringing pets because they have enough animals for you in Africa all ready. Steve then talks about the lady getting on the plane with her little dog and how he kept telling his wife “the letter said” don’t bring pets. lol

  • Joi

    I NEVER check a bag either, no matter where I’m going also. Have a blast can’t wait to see pics!