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#TravelTuesday Packing & Organization With Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

#TravelTuesday Packing & Organization With Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

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I am notoriously a carry-on person. I don’t remember the last time I checked a bag. I don’t care if I am going out of the country or to NY, I don’t check luggage. Why? Well, I don’t want my items to get lost (or stolen)! Can you imagine being in a foreign country with nothing but your i.d. and whatever is in your purse? With that being said, I have to cram everything I need in my carry-ons. This leads me to the Packing Cubes from Eagle Creek!! I am apart of a travel group called Nomadness Travel Tribe and I have seen many talks about packing cubes. After seeing how it’s a lifesaver (and space saver of course) I knew I had to get some! I received the Eagle Creek Spector Starter Set and the Lightweight Packing Cubes.

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I have seen several people packing with these cubes and you really can get alot more in the packs more easily than you can without them AND it helps keep you organized. I am not very organized when it comes to packing so I need something like this. I can organize by days and figure out what I am going to wear. I think these will also help me just bring what I need. I tend to bring too many options and I realize after every trip how much stuff I didn’t utilize that I packed with me which leads me to have to carry around a bag much heavier than it needed to be.

With these cubes, you can roll up your items or fold them. My set comes with a Garment Folder which will help. I will try out both with these but generally I am a roller. I roll items up as small as I can which helps with my packing. With the help of these, there will be organization now!!

I will be showing you my demonstration before my trip to Africa so you can see how much I actually was able to get in them later! But in the meantime, check this out so you can see how this can change your (travel) life:

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