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#TravelThursday Review: RIU In Ocho Rios, Jamaica

#TravelThursday Review: RIU In Ocho Rios, Jamaica

I had an amazing time in Ocho Rios last weekend for my friend Cache’t’s birthday. We stayed at the All-Inclusive RIU Club on a beautiful beach. I have been to Jamaica several times but never have made my way to Ocho Rios. What have I been waiting for?!?

I’m also not new to RIU’s. I have stayed at RIU’s in The Bahamas & Negril and had great experiences at both. I was excited to see how this resort would be in comparison.

The drive from Montego Bay’s airport was beautiful but fairly lengthy About an hour and a half later, we arrived the the beautiful RIU hotel. I was greeted by nice staff members and the front desk supervisor helped me check in so I could meet up with my friends.

I was starving and immediately went to eat. Thank God they had some oxtail. I have been wanting some authentic Jamaican food and I was happy they had some at lunch that day and it was delicious. I got my typical “Bob Marley” fruity drink with rum pretty much all day every day. The beauty of All-Inclusive is all food and drinks are included in the price. Prices of all-inclusives tend to be higher and are per person/per night instead of just one fee for the room regardless of how many people are in it.


Stay on the Deluxe side. Those rooms are newer than the other side and from what I hear our room was much better. It’s worth the extra money. You have great space in the Deluxe room. With 2 Queen sized beds and another area with a couch and TV, you have plenty of room to spread out! Oh and there are alcohol dispensers in the room so you can have some drinks at any time. Also, there is a mini-fridge with sodas and water for you included.

There were 3 of us in this room and I thought it was perfect size. Even the bathroom was pretty big. Enough for 2 people to be in there comfortably able to put on makeup without being in each others way.



Over the weekend I enjoyed the beautiful beach. There were a few slightly rocky areas ( and really  more like pebbles) but when you step a couple of feet past that then you are good to go. The water is super clear and blue and you can see schools of fish around the area. The waves weren’t crazy so you can just float on your back and be on super chill mode.

Tip at any resort: If you want a good spot with a chair on the beach, get there early!! If you try going after 11am, you won’t have a chair until maybe 3pm when people decide to go in.





The ambiance was really nice. You had ocean views and mountain views. Everywhere you looked, you had a great view. Everything was very nice and clean. It is big though! The walks to and from the room will definitely have you losing a couple of pounds by the end of the trip lol. They have multiple restaurants, gift stores, areas for entertainment and multiple bars so plan to move around alot if you want to explore the resort. There are plenty of cute areas that you can sit around and people watch like I like to do 🙂

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Firstly, you really don’t have to leave the resort to enjoy yourself. They have free non-motorized sports. You can get on a kayak, go snorkeling, paddle boat etc..all included.


The resort offers booking excursions on the premises so you don’t have to worry about booking with an unknown company. We decided to book the Dunns River Falls/Catamaran excursion. It was only $60 so it was a great deal. Free alcoholic drinks, good music and good vibes. We headed out at 9am and after about 10 minutes, we stop off by a reef to go snorkeling. We saw schools of fish right in our face and cool sea urchins! I love snorkeling 🙂


We arrived at Dunn’s River Falls and I only knew to expect to be climbing up falls while holding hands. (Tip: Don’t forget to bring swim shoes. I didn’t have any so I had to rent some. They won’t let you do it without them. ) In a group of about 20, you grab on hand in hand and climb carefully over 900 feet to reach the top. It was alot of fun, but boy did my legs hurt after (I’m out of shape).


Food is also my favorite part. They do have some nice restaurants that you have to make a reservation for where they serve you and it will be at a themed restaurant with a short menu. You may only have 4 entree options. They had an Asian Restaurant, a world restaurant,  & moreI actually prefer the buffet because I can get what I want, I don’t have to wait, and generally the other restaurants are alot of couples and it feels uber quiet. At the buffets you had good options pretty much all day. At lunch they had a jerk hut outside where they smoked jerk chicken. It was really good! After 9pm, you only have one option to eat. The Sports Bar offers 24 service but don’t plan on getting a ton of food. You’re limited to nachos, popcorn, and hot dogs, hamburgers or cold cut sandwich if you are lucky. Bottom line, eat before 9 lol. I had a great experience every day and always enjoyed my food. I had Jamaican mixed with American food pretty much everyday.

This is an example of the food that you get at the nicer restaurants. I still liked the buffets though lol


Staff & Guests

When we went it was mostly Europeans staying there. It wasn’t too crowded and the only time I had to wait in line for food at the buffet was in the evening when I went to get food at “normal” dinner time. There weren’t many kids around. I don’t like resorts where its kids running all over the place. This could have to do with the time of year we went…kids are in school.

The staff was always uber friendly. I didn’t run into anyone rude or anything. Their goal was to  make sure we were happy during our entire stay. They even give suggestions for places to go off the resort in case you want to get out. I always felt like everyone was looking out for us and that was great.

I had a great time at the RIU. Check them out if you head to Jamaica! You won’t be disappointed. They are also in other countries in the Caribbean and in Europe.