#TravelThursday Holiday Gift Guide For The Traveler

#TravelThursday Holiday Gift Guide For The Traveler

I get anxiety every time Christmas comes around. Who do you get gifts for and WHAT do you get!?  It’s always really hard to find gifts for people. You can know someone really well and be stumped unless they recently said they wanted something. If you are looking for a gift for the traveler in your life, look no further. They probably would love one of these items:

Passport case- If they do alot of international travel, their passport might be a little beat up. Help them preserve their passport with some style! You can even get a personalized one if you want to get a little fancy. ( I might need to pick this Rebecca Minkoff one up)

Earphones- The traveler, especially if they go on long-haul trips or they do solo traveling, they need earphones. They don’t need to be uber expensive because this is probably the easiest thing to lose on vacation. Get some nice mid-range ones with a small carrying case. This will help make the 6 hour flight, or the long hike be a breeze to your traveler friend.

EagleCreek Packing Cubes- When I travel, I am #TeamCarryon all the way. I don’t check bags. I don’t like my luggage and belongings being in limbo. Because of this, I have to pack really well and tight. The packing cubes have literally changed my life when it comes to travel. I can arrange my bags by days and outfits Yes, I plan out each day’s clothes BEFORE I get there to avoid my normal chaos of what to wear daily. Everything is neat and organized and it’s easy to see what you have. This is a great gift for really anyone traveling. It beats throwing clothes around in a suitcase.

Camera- If you have more money in your budget, a camera is one of the best things to capture moments as a traveler. Yes, in 2016 phones are made with great cameras—but nothing beats a regular camera. I recommend the Sony A5100 mirrorless-lens. This camera is on par with DSLRs, but compact. Compact-= easier to carry around on trips, and you are least likely a target from people stealing your camera because they think it’s cheap. Win:Win. Plus you can film yourself easily!  (Check out my review here)


Small Bookbag- Because I travel light, I like to bring a small book-bag with me and lay it super flat in my small suitcase. When I get to my destination, that’s what I use to get around. This way, I don’t have to pay for an extra bag on the plane, and can literally lay super flat in my suitcase and not take up too much room from my clothes. Whether they are into stylish bags or practical bags, there is something for them.

Portable Chargers- Traveling and your phone dies is probably one of my worst fears. Because of this, I travel with AT LEAST 3 portable chargers. From calling and texting back home to uploading images to Instagram and Facebook, phones can die pretty easily. Not to mention, if you are traveling in a remote place and your phone is constantly searching for service, your phone will die. Give the gift of communication by getting a wireless charger!

Travel Pack- If you really want to get creative, you can make a really cool travel pack. Buy a cute small backpack and put in a wireless charger, passport cover, earphones, multi-USB plug, and converters. They will love you and they can take all of this on their next trip!!

Happy Holidays!