Traveling To Vinales, Cuba

Traveling To Vinales, Cuba

When you head to Havana, I highly suggest you leave and take advantage of other areas in Cuba. Head to the beach in Varadero (you won’t be disappointed) and head to Viñales.

While researching I saw this was an area a lot of people wanted to hit up so I decided to look more into it. I found a group on Facebook called All About Cuba who supplied me with everything I needed to know.

I booked Yadiel who was pretty popular in this group and connected with two other ladies who were going to be in Cuba at the same time (don’t be afraid to connect with other people to save some money).

The trip is fairly long-maybe three hours each way— but worth it. The price should be around $150-200 for the round trip.

First we stopped off on the journey to see some amazing views

Next we stopped at the prehistoric mural. They give you free drinks with entry into the park. It was $3.

Next we stopped at the Indio Caves. To be honest , I could’ve skipped this. It’s a cute little boat ride though once you get in the caves.

Next we went to a family owned cigar farm. Here you get to learn all about the business of cigars and you get a sample. I can’t be around smoke, however, the grounds were really nice
and pictures.

We ran out time after that. You can also to zip lining and other activities

Thanks Yadiel for a great trip. I truly recommend it.