Traveling? Check Out @AIRBNB – The Alternative To Hotels

Traveling? Check Out @AIRBNB – The Alternative To Hotels


While traveling to places like Ghana & Guatemala, I have been saving money and getting SPACE. Hotels are cool and I have been staying in hotels all of my life. SPACE…to me on vacation is Heaven. Imagine having more space and paying the same price or less money than a hotel! is the plug for staying all over the world in someone’s home- you can rent a room or rent an entire house. Imagine staying in a villa in Jamaica on the beach or a tree house in Montana, you can do this through AirBNB.

In Guatemala, most of the hotels were maybe $100-140 a night. It was 3 of us and we were able to spend around $120 a night for a 2 floor villa with panoramic rooftop views of volcanoes in Antigua. We had a housekeeper who was available for all of the villas and it was peaceful and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

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In Cape Coast, Ghana, we stayed in a 3 bedroom beach house blocks from the ocean for LESS than a hotel. That’s right! 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. We each had our own room and bathroom for a small portion of what we would have paid in a hotel.

I’m all about my space. I grew up as a only child (having all older sisters), so I don’t really like being up under multiple people if I don’t have to. I like to be able to spread out my stuff too. Everyone knows how junky a hotel room can be with 4 people spreading out their suitcases and belongings. You won’t be able to see the carpet after a half a day lol.

Why should you consider

  • It’s generally a cheaper alternative to staying at a hotel. Prices start probably as low as $10 a night.
  • The more people, the merrier! You can rent anywhere from a tent or room to a mansion.
  • You can see reviews like you see reviews from hotels. They are generally even more thorough.
  • You can stay remote or in the city center. Airbnb is worldwide. Going to a random village in The Philippines, no problem! Visiting a lake in Arizona, no problem!
  • You still may get a housekeeper and sometimes even a chef, chauffeur and more. You can still get similar amenities based on the listings.
  • SPACE…this is #1 for me! For the same price or less you can live it up nicely in someones house.

As a precaution, only stay at places with several reviews. You want to get a thorough idea of the hosts and the location (especially if you are by yourself or renting a room). Pay attention to all of the details. If you are renting a room in someones house for example, is your bathroom in your room or is it a shared bathroom? Will you have a lock on your door? Pay attention to everything so you can make sure you have an issue-free vacation.

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Happy Travels!!!