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Travel Hairstyle? – My European Vacay Coming Up

I am so excited to be going to plans have since changed so no Milan, but Paris and Barcelona are still on! I have gone crazy with researching and trying to learn a little French before I go. In preparation and making sure I  have everything I need, I am concerned about my hair. My original goal was to get a weave and keep it moving. The less I have to do the better.

But then I had the awesome opportunity to be the guest at a cool hair and beauty event in Paris (will provide more awesome details soon) while I am there so I figured…maybe I should have my hair out!

So, from there!! What do I do? I don’t want to check a bag….I never check a bag and I don’t want there to be any issues with my bag not making it somewhere. Especially in another country. I always pack pretty tight anyway. I roll up everything as small as possible so I can get alot of stuff in there.

Hair products?? Ummm, No! I don’t feel like dealing with them. Firstly, I have to put them in small little 3 ounce bottles. I will need sooo many. At least 3 small things of shampoo, 3 conditioners, and 3+ of styling product. Too much! So then I thought, hmmmm, I don’t have to do a weave but I can do some other form of natural braids, twists, cool up-do’s, etc….

I was having a convo with Adrienne from Me, My Hair, & The City and she brought up box braids. We thought about how chic Solange has been making them look and I started heading to tumblr to get a little more inspiration.

And then I thought mini twists would be cute!

And then I thought about a twisted/cornrowed updo into a chic pompadour! Or some other kind of updo!!!

I’m sooo lost!!! I just want something easy and that I can get a couple of different styles out of it.

Photo Credit: , , Tumblr

What style do you like? What is your go-to vacay hair?