Travel Approved Beauty: @Clarisonic Mia FIT Review

Travel Approved Beauty: @Clarisonic Mia FIT Review

I am all about travel approved skincare products. I like to take my normal skincare items with me when I travel because I am usually somewhere hot and my face can get really dirty when out all day in the elements.

I was so excited to get to try out Clarisonic. You are probably very familiar with the Mia’s. The Clarisonic Mia FIT is a compact version that can remove impurities 6x better than just your hands.

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I am always on the go- whether it is exploring a new place or going to my new gym (more details in a future story), I need something small but also something that packs a punch.

This is my first time trying out a Clarisonic period. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first used it. I followed the instructions by wetting my face and wetting the brush. I think used my Murad cleanser and put it on the first setting.


There are two settings. The delicate setting is perfect for an twice daily¬†cleansing. It FELT sooo amazing on my skin and was super soft but I could tell it was doing it’s magic on my skin. I started at the forehead and then my nose, cheeks and then chin area.

It was super soft and felt like it was massaging my skin. This brush is not intense at all and it’s literally like a gentle massage on your face and was very gentle.

The second setting is for getting off makeup and sunscreen since you need a little more to get that off.

There is a one-minute setting and they suggest you do 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on your nose and chin, 10 seconds on each chin, and 20 seconds across your neck.

Also, it’s waterproof so I may just keep it in my shower so I can wash my face in there.



The compact sizing was amazing! I am a carry-on only gal so this won’t take up much space at all in my bags.

It fits in my hand very easily and will be perfect to use on the go before I head out for the day or after I get back from swimming or hiking.

Charging it is a breeze due to the easy charging dock.

You also receive a Radiance Brush Head that you can swap out. It has uber soft bristles and you can use it twice a day.

I have been loving this already and have added it into my daily regimen. So glad to replace my non-pulsating brush that I got for $1 at Big Lots lol. This Clarisonic Mia FIT definitely gives me that clean, complete feel in just one minute.

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