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My Travel For 2015 + Creating Travel Goals

My Travel For 2015 + Creating Travel Goals

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Last year, I had a pretty exciting year! I traveled to some familiar countries, but also hit up a new country. I want to see the world so I always look for a  great travel deal. I am not rich or wealthy or anything, but I make things work and I like to spend my extra money on traveling and experiences versus a ton of tangible items (Unless there is a goooood sale lol).

1. Last year I had some goals in mind. I knew I wanted to go to Africa and Kenya & South Africa were on my list. After watching “Terror In The Mall”, the documentary on HBO about the terrorists last year who went into the mall and killed and shot several people, I was kind of afraid to go to Kenya. Eventually South Africa was at the top of the list.

2. Brazil is on my list. I have never been to a South American country (pretty close, but not quite).  I would love to visit Bahia because I love going to places that have a tremendous amount of African culture. I’m looking out for deals everyday lol.

3. Thailand is on my list for a solo trip. I have been wanting to do a solo trip for some time and after much research, I think Thailand might be the place for me. I want to play with elephants and get messages and eat great food. The best part about Thailand is how inexpensive it is when you get there. (Might have to use my miles on this one)

4. A beach…any beach. I have a thing for Negril’s beaches though! It’s a quick flight and can go for a weekend and still enjoy.

5. New Orleans- My favorite US city. This city has so much culture and most importantly….great good. I make this trip every year. It’s not a bad drive from Atlanta and you kinda feel like you are in another country when you walk around the French Quarter.

Even though I have my travel goals in mind, one thing I will never forget is a tip to not set your sights on only specific places. You will end up spending way more money that way. When I wanted to go to Paris a couple of years ago, I searched and searched for a flight for under $1000 and it just didn’t work out. I decided to search surrounding countries and Barcelona popped up as the cheapest. I was able to get a flight to Barcelona AND a trip to Paris from Barcelona for under the $1,000 and I got to visit two countries instead of the one I had my sights on!! Barcelona wasn’t even on my list of places to visit, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Sometimes you never know where that sale fare can take you.

This leads me to my scheduled vacations so far…some were on my list, others weren’t. But you can’t beat a great deal to explore a new place:

-Nairobi! Got a great deal to head to Kenya.  Even though I was slightly afraid of Kenya & South Africa moved to the top of my list, when this great fare popped up to Nairobi ..I jumped on it! I felt like it was destiny telling me to go anyway! I am super excited about this trip! I, of course, will be keeping up with the terrorism in Kenya and will make sure to stay in safe areas and not to venture by myself- the exact same things I do here in the states and any other country. I am not afraid to visit, but of course,  you always want to be in a safe situation. Also, keep in mind that the media doesn’t tell everything so it’s always best to check with people who actually live there to get the real scoop.  We will be going on a safari and doing some volunteering while we are there! I am super excited about getting to Africa! (Umm I got this trip for under $400 🙂 )

-Abu Dhabi! If you heard about the Etihad Airways glitch and got a ticket, you were super lucky. I got a roundtrip flight to Abu Dhabi from NY for under $200. Yep, you read that right..under $200. Thank God for flight glitches. Never been to the Middle East/Asia so I am excited about this. To be honest, Abu Dhabi and Dubai were not on my list of immediate places to travel. Eventually I did want to go, but it wasn’t originally on my top 5 list.  But the price…I couldn’t give that up. Will be a short trip for me (only 4 full days), but either way I will make sure to pack it out with fun adventures. Super unexpected destination for me and I am excited to embrace everything Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Are you a deal-seeker? Where are you trying to travel this year?