Transitioning without the Big Chop!- Arlene’s Story


I think my journey to natural hair started when I heard about “Good Hair” coming out.  I watched the trailer and did more research.  My last relaxer was March 2009.  And yes I consider myself still transitioning.  LOL

Until about October 2009  I was doing braid outs. But as time went on my braid outs were not working.  I have been doing straight styling since then. Only blowing and flat ironing every other week.   I am now training for a triathlon and have to swim every week.  This has presented all new challenges.   I now need to wash and blow /flat iron every week.   I have been cutting out the relaxer at a rate of 1/2 inch a month.  So right now my hair is just touching my shoulders.


Lexi- It can be done to be a Long Transitioner. You don’t have to do a big chop, but challenges do come with being a long transitioner- like trying to make the textures match- your relaxed ends and your new growth. If you do plan on flat ironing it to make your roots match, just make sure to protect your hair so you don’t permanently damage the roots…which will mean you will have to cut even more hair later down the line. Protective styles work well too like braids or twists. How have you been getting through Long Transitioning? Please share your story.