Transition Story- Monica


Monica while transitioning in extensions.

Letting go of the Perm

My transition from getting regular perms since the age of six to going natural was the best decision I have ever made!

It wasn’t until last year while I was living in NJ when I decided to stop getting perms. One of the main reasons was because I thought it would be easier for me to maintain and also I couldn’t find a good hairstylist. A year later when I moved back to Atlanta, I decided to go to my hairstylist Kena(whom I love so much) to cut the rest of my perm out and just rock the natural look. As she began to cut, I admit I got a little scared but I know it had to be done.  I just wanted to try something different and I am glad I did.

Going natural has changed me for the good. I’ve gained more confidence in my looks, I’m starting to take better care of my hair and eating healthier than usual. Most recently, I’ve purchased Carol’s Daughter’s Healthy Hair Butter and Curl’s Fruit Curl Control Paste. Both products so far have done wonders on my hair. I definitely recommend both products but also encourage people to go to your local Carol’s Daughter store to get the right product for your hair.  I so love my new look and can’t wait to show off my new headbands and hair bows as I walk down the street with my new look.



From Lexi- I am soooo loving the curls. Isn’t it so funny how alot of us gain more confidence with natural hair?? I know that happened for me too. It is something so pretty and confidence boosting about natural hair because everyone has a different hair texture and only YOU can rock it. Thanks Monica for sharing your story.