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Tracee Ellis Ross loves the Denman D4 Brush

Yesterday Tracee Ellis Ross posted on Twitter that she was going to answer people’s natural hair questions if they @ her and use the #naturalhair hashtag. She will contact the winner today and actually call them to share all of her natural hair tips!! How awesome is that? I wonder if she picked someone yet. OMG I would LOVE to be picked! lol

In anticipation of her sharing her natural hair tips, she did give us one tip:

I myself love Denman brushes. Not sure which one I have…I got it from Sally’s. I have to get a new one though. Apparently my boyfriend couldn’t find Bentley’s (my Yorkie Poo) brush one day and decided to pick up my Denman (Ughhh!!) so therefore I can’t use the brush anymore with Bentley hair in it lol. But I was using my denman alot up until that point :sigh:. I didn’t necessarily use it for detangling, but for CLUMPING!!!…It works wonders for clumping my hair. It is much better than my regular paddle brush I use for clumping. The Denman is the truth and it doesn’t pull your hair out. If you haven’t checked out Denman brushes, you definitely should. They even have replicas at alot of Beauty Supply Stores but I can’t say whether or not they work as well so I will let someone else be the guinea pig on that one…

I can’t wait to see Tracee Ellis Ross’ natural hair tips! I know I could use them and I am sure many other people could too!