Tracee Ellis Ross Covers Jet and talks HAIR!!!!

Tracee Ellis Ross is definitely my fav!!!  She is the latest cover story on the upcoming October 10/17 Jet Magazine. This cover shot is WOW!! She is definitely channeling her mom in that shot!

In the cover story, Tracee Eliis Ross talks “Reed Between The Lines”, her amazing body, and of course HER AMAZING HAIR!!

On her new show “Reed Between The Lines”:

“I welcomed the opportunity to introduce, through comedy, this idea of therapy, which has been this ‘hush hush’ thing in our culture”

On the show she plays a therapist and Malcolm Jamal Warner plays her husband. The show premieres Oct 11 on BET so make sure you check it out.

On her amazing body credited by the Tracey Anderson workout:

“I was not a girl who liked to show my upper thighs,” she says. “I liked a skirt that went right to the kneww. But let me tell you, I’m so happy in a short skirt right now”

What?? T.E.R. had a problem with her thighs?? Who would’ve known! To most of us ladies and men, she has an amazing body!

On her fabulous hair:

..when you type her name into Google, the top search is for “Tracee Ellis Ross hair”. “I have so much hair it’s extraordinary,” she says, admitting no one is more obsesssed than she is. “You could take half the hair on my head and cover another person’s head.” She grew out her relaxer in high school and has tested so many styles, serums, and conditioners that she might put out a book and a line of hair products one day.

Ummm, Tracee Ellis Ross! If you do a book or a hair product line- WE WILL SOOO BUY IT! She should seriously think about this.

Best quote:

“You gotta respoect the curls,” she says. “I work for them. I can’t tell them what to do”

Make sure you pick up the issue. She even shares her favorite products and her curly hair tips! But I can’t share all of the story!!!!

It hits newstands Oct 10th.

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