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Tracee Ellis Ross Birthday Weekend- Hits Up “Watch The Throne” & Parties

Soooo It was so funny because I ended up getting tix to “Watch The Throne” at the last minute. I got AMAZING seats and when they performed towards my side of the concert, I was only 10 feet away from Kanye and Jay Z.

Well in the meantime, I was on the side where all the celebrities had to walk through from backstage to VIP across from the stage.

As soon as the lights turn off, guess who I see trying to rush through so no one would see her???…none other than Tracee Ellis Ross. How did I know it was her?? Her hair of course lol. So sad I didn’t get a chance to meet her 🙁

Anyway, after the 2nd concert (Saturday) she hung out with her boo Bu (lol) and hung out with Kanye. Check out pics from the after party—Why didn’t I go?? Ughhhh- and they looked like they weren’t in VIP. It looked like they were chillin in the crowd.

I love her ringlets and her dress is really cute!




So cute! I love African men too!- hence my Nigerian boyfriend.

And it was her birthday! Happy Birthday Tracee Ellis Ross!!

(As if she is going to read my blog! lol. But you never know)