Toyota Corolla- Style & Beauty Inspiration Part I: Solange

When Toyota Corolla asked me to feature two celebrities that I always turn to for beauty and style inspiration..this was a no-brainer!! SOLANGE would definitely be my first choice !! From her hair to her boho chic style- I love her!

I know that I can always turn to her for inspiration in several categories- hair, makeup, clothing (in that order). Anytime she is somewhere new, I get different ideas that I can implement with myself.

She is definitely a style icon! Let me tell you why she inspires me in the beauty and style department:

1) Her box braids. She is unafraid to go against the grain. I hadn’t seen anyone wear box braids except children in awhile. I always posted her braids because I admired her and that she didn’t do what was trendy–She STARTED trends! I began to fall in love with her variations of styles she is able to do with her braids.

2) Her Fashion! She has a love for African print (ankara) like I do! I have been in love with ankara prints for awhile now. I pick up any ankara outfit I can find. I have skirts, jumpsuits, dresses, etc.. (I just picked up a new dress too)

3) Her makeup! She rocks oranges and corals on her lips alot. Since we are a very similar shade, I can use her as the guinea pig. If it looks good on her, I figure it should complement my skin tone as well. Everytime I wear coral or orange shades on my lips I get tons of compliments so +1 for her makeup inspiration.

4) Last, but not least, her natural hair. She did her big chop and it was the talk of the town. We have seen her hair grow out. She rocks short fros, big fros with extensions, and all in between. She is a hair chameleon like myself. I am the same way. If you see me every week, I have something different going on. You may not even recognize me! That’s the beauty of natural hair though….we can rock so many different styles with them.

Check out my collage I put together to show how Solange inspires me:

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