I Took The Dove Quench Absolute Challenge

I Took The Dove Quench Absolute Challenge


I’m a lover of Dove and have pretty much used every single product from their deodorant to creamy body wash to hair products. I was so excited to find out they had a new line of products for us curly haired girls. If you have naturally curly hair, you know it takes a lot of work – keeping it defined, keeping it from frizzing, keeping it shiny — so many worries.

Dove Advanced Hair Series developed a new line called Dove Hair Quench Absolute, which is to quench the thirst of dry, curly hair. That sounds like me. I have been rough with my hair this past year. I had straightened my hair way more than normal last year since I was wearing more extensions (I have to get back to wearing kinky extensions again so I don’t have to straighten my hair). Now, I am on a mission to not straighten my hair as much and to not use as much heat. Since I have done so much to my hair recently, I really needed some TLC.


For the past 3 weeks, I have been using the new Dove Hair Quench Absolute products, which consists of a shampoo, conditioner, a mask and a leave-in. Check out this video so you can see how Dove Quench Absolute works on hair in comparison to other non-conditioning products:

I love that they did an actual test to show us with real hair to test their system against humidity and I was in awe at the difference. Of course, since it is cold and no humidity in Atlanta right now, I haven’t been able to test that portion out but I am thoroughly intrigued and a believer based on the video. For me, my current concern is I have some areas of limp curls due to the straightening. My hair has been dry recently and Quench Absolute has helped me get that silkiness and definition back!

Here is my breakdown review of each product:

Quench Absolute Shampoo
This is a gentle cleanser that strengthens hair. This made my hair feel soft every time, especially after I had that Dominican blowout that I feared fried my hair :/ I think this is a great shampoo for a thorough clean that doesn’t make your hair dry out.
Quench Absolute Conditioner
Love this conditioner! It has a nice consistency and when I combed it through, my curls popped! When I washed it out, my hair felt like silk!! That’s always amazing when my hair feels great when I rinse it out.

Quench Absolute Restoration Mask
Because I am coming from recently bleaching the purple out of my hair and a Dominican blow out, I NEEDED a mask. I have used this 2 times since I have been using the line. I would put it in after the conditioner and then let the shower steam up for about 5 minutes and then I’d rinse it out. My hair feels amazing after!

Quench Absolute Crème Serum
This is a leave in that isn’t super thick, but it’s not runny either. It’s lightweight and helps keep your hair from frizzing. This is not a styler, however, I have only been using this and going about my day so it worked fine for keeping my curls defined and shiny. I haven’t tried using a styler on top of it yet since it gave my curls what I was looking for without having to put additional product on them.
Definitely check out this new line. It’s inexpensive and gives you results!

Fun Dove selfie after a twist out!


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