To do Bangs or not to do Bangs

I have had this dilemma for awhile. I want bangs sooooo bad. Something like this:

Here’s the catch with natural hair—I will look a HOT MESS when I wear it curly. Imagine the front of my hair shrinking up to one inch…and I do not want to be one of those girls with a million pins in my hair trying to “make it work”. What to do, what to do?

I love the curly bang look too, but in order for me to do that…I would have to cut my hair to the top of my lip at the shortest to get it to fall right when I wear my hair curly which is about a 3 inch difference from how I want it straight.

I was actually thinking of wearing my hair straight alot this winter-but of course I get bored with that and I am too lazy to straighten it and too cheap to spend money every 2 weeks. I think bangs are so cute and it would be something so different for me. I haven’t had bangs since maybe middle school. I’m definitely still thinking about it. I was thinking I could get them cut for the straight style and then grow them out…but it would take about 6 months to grow out for them to look right natural.

Have you done bangs in its straight form? What did you do to conceal the cut when you wore it natural?

This is my first “dilemma”. I love the versatility of natural hair but this is one of the things that makes it a little difficult to go back and forth. Any thoughts?