TMI Post: The Diva Cup Review

TMI Post: The Diva Cup Review


Have you heard about the Diva Cup? OMG, If you haven’t, you might be interested after you finish this post. The Diva Cup is in a menstrual cup that you wear that allows you to go 12 hours before changing. No more tampons every 2 hours, no more leaking and messing up your clothing or bed at night. This is LEAK-FREE!

Okay, let me give you a visual. diva-cup2


This goes inside of you but the tip will still bel visible/easy to reach. The upper area basically suctions  so that way it catches everything and you won’t have any accidents.Just imagine a seal around and nothing can get past. That’s basically what it does. Before I tried it, I looked at several instructions on how to insert it and even though some people said it was difficult, it was supppeerr easy and I got it in the first time I tried. It’s easy to do it in one swift movement.

The take out process, well the first time was very interesting. Most comments I see on review posts like this have been alot of “Ewwww” and “that’s nasty”. It is…a little disturbing, but I’ll take dumping some blood once in the morning and once at night over having my day interrupted many times to change tampons–not to mention leakage. So yes, when you take it out, of course their will be some or alot of  blood depending on how long you left it in and your flow. You just pull it out slowly so you don’t accidentally spill it anywhere other than in the toilet.

Cleaning it is easy- they actually have a cleanser for it but you can use any mild cleanser. I use non-fragrance Dove for sensitive skin. You clean it out each time before inserting it again. What does that mean if you have to change it while out? They also have some cleansing wipes on the market for this so you can do that. I have also seen people say that they wet some paper towels prior to going in the stall so they can use that first and then use a wipe.

Tip: the first day, I end up changing once more just because I am heavier. Once you try it out, you can get a good idea of how long you can go if 12 is too much for you.

  • It is comfortable. I can’t even feel it when it is inside.
  • I have less cramps
  • I mean…12 hours of no changing. What more could I ask for?
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It has a cute carrying case above!!

How this helped me

Firstly, I love not having to change every couple of hours. It makes life easier and you can go  to 12 hours which for me I change at night and in the morning. Great on vacation too. Secondly, I was so upset when I ended up starting on the morning of my long azz flights to Ghana. A short flight to NY and then a 9+ hour flight to Accra, Ghana. I I was sooo upset because it couldn’t have been worse timing. This made life so easy on a super long flight that could’ve been devastating (to me). This is amazing in every day life and especially on vacation where you may not have access to clean bathrooms (or a bathroom at all) during the day.

I have heard of some horror stories with menstrual cups

Luckily, I have not had any issues with mine. I have not had any crazy leakage or it flipping or anything. I researched alot before selecting the Diva Cup brand because I wanted to get the one with the best reviews. I haven’t tired it out yet while doing yoga or some heavy exercising, but I will soon and will keep you posted.

So my review is simple- YES! Get it! They sell the Diva Cup at drug stores and places like Target.. They are about $30 but you can use them for up to a year so it still saves money on having to buy tampons and pads. I still do however wear a pantyliner on the first day and really haven’t gotten much leakage. And when I say a little, like barely anything.

Check out this video: