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Tips For Keeping Natural Straightened Hair Frizz Free

Tips For Keeping Natural Straightened Hair Frizz Free

Alot of people ask me how I get my straight hair to last so long- frizz free and poof free! Honestly, I attribute that to a couple of things.

I think the key to keeping hair frizz free is really the steps prior to straightening. Deep condition the hair with a moisturizing conditioner and sit under a steamer if you have one. Steamers are a great investment, but if you do not want to purchase one, you can use the steam from the sauna at your gym or you can use a towel drenched in hot water and wrung out…or you can just use the steam from you shower.




 2ndly, I make sure that when my hair is straightened..that it is straight. If I am going for a straight look then I want it straight…not just a step above me blowing my hair out. The highest heat I will use is about 410 degrees without damaging my hair. With heat in the low-mid 3’s, I have to pass the iron through too many times and I risk heat damage. I only pass the iron through one time.

If I wear my hair in a style that has body, it lasts longer. It’s harder to keep bone straight hair bone straight. It’s easier to keep hair with a little body looking great for multiple days.


 At night, I wear 2 and sometimes 3 items to secure my hair (I’m a wild sleeper). I don’t wrap my hair BUT I do one big bun similar to a bantu knot and put a wrap over it and then I put a bonnet on as double security to keep my hair in tact. Some other things I will do are use flexi-rods or just put two big braids in.

When taking a shower – overdo it. I take hot showers and I can’t have my hair frizzing up because of all the moisture in the air from the steam of my shower. On top of my 2 or 3 hair scarves, I put on a shower cap so if I happen to get water somewhere near my hair, it will just roll off the cap.

When I take my hair down in the morning, it’s as good as new. I shake or fluff and go.


I am on day 10 of straight hair (10 days is a long time to go without washing I know 🙁  ).

It’s still looking good after 10 days, buuuttt it’s time to wash this scalp!! lol.

What are some tips that you have to keep your hair straight and stop it from frizzing from the elements of the outside and in your house?