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That Time I Straightened My Hair

That Time I Straightened My Hair

I am trying to work on straightening my hair, but right now it’s in an awkward length. The back is not quite long enough for ME to grip and make it look decent. I am growing my hair out on the sides and then getting it tapered again (the in between process when you shave your sides is soooo much).

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to give it a try again. This is maybe my 3rd time trying it out, but this time was the best. I used my ghd Flat Iron to go from curly to smooth.
lexi with the curls

I started with freshly washed hair and used a little bit of the Design Essentials Silk Elements which I have had used on my hair quite a bit when I used to get my hair straightened in the salon alot. I always loved the light weight results and the way my hair was bouncy and shiny.


Getting this back was a beast. I took my hair layer by layer and the back was harrdddd. As you can see the length was a major factor in this.

The back with the in between short length was too annoying for me to do lol.

Buuuttt, I was able to grip it and make it flat but it was hard to actually curl it. The good thing about the ghd iron is I am able to straighten my hair with just one pass through. Also, this doesn’t have extreme heat. It is perfect for my hair so I don’t damage it.

All in all, I think this is my best job yet. Straightening hair was MUCH easier when my hair is long. Shorter hair definitely takes more patience for the back. Once my hair grows more on the sides and back then it will be even quicker.


I definitely need to get my ends trimmed by I am feeling the look.IMG_5786 IMG_5788

My dark roots are out of control!! lol I am getting them redone this week so I won’t have so much new growth. To me, the perfect look is about 3  4 weeks post-hair coloring 🙂

I will be straightening my hair again soon. Stay tuned…