That Time I Almost Got LASIK + Contact Overuse

That Time I Almost Got LASIK + Contact Overuse

Sigh! This was a long week/weekend. Last weekend I had a consultation to get LASIK and was approved and scheduled for this past weekend. Let me back up a little. I used to wear my contacts ALOT and I would sleep in them—for long periods of time. Over the years the doctors would tell me…”slow down on the contacts”, “take breaks”, “don’t sleep in your contacts” and eventually I got contacts that are for overnight use.

Well, let’s just say years later, I was told I have scarring on my eyes due to my over-wear of contacts. It was not a good thing and finally a doctor told me to STOP…he wouldn’t give me overnight contacts anymore and told me to wear my glasses 90% of the time and only wear contacts for social events as I see fit. I had already pleaded to him that I hate wearing glasses at certain social events. He prescribed me with daily contact lenses so that way I won’t be tempted to wear them often. That led me to buying about 6 pair of glasses that I could switch out. (See article here). I was pretty much told the only thing that can heal my eyes is time…so I gave it some time.

I finally decided after many signs that I should just go for LASIK. It just hit me all of a sudden even though I had been thinking about it for years. I was very nervous of the thought of a doctor cutting a slit in my cornea and putting a laser on it. Sounds scary huh? Well, I finally got up the nerve to set up an appointment for a consultation.

I knew that I had the risk of not being a candidate for LASIK because of previous scarring. After hours and going through several tests and finally reaching a doctor, I was told I am a “great candidate” for LASIK. I thought “YES!!!” After a year and a half of wearing glasses, my eyes have healed. On goes the scheduling of the surgery, me making plans and making sure I have someone to be around for a couple of days since I won’t be able to drive (my Dad).

I put on my surgery gear and get ready to go. For the final check up before I go into the room to get the surgery performed…I’m stopped. The doctor immediately saw the scarring on my eye and said he didn’t want to do the surgery but told me to come back in September and hopefully my scarring will have gotten better. I asked him over and over if he was bs-ing me and if I was really even a potential candidate. I would rather know now whether I am not a candidate period or that I MIGHT be a candidate in the future. He said that it was possible I would still be a candidate.

Sooo…I do have SOME hope–but will go to another doctor to see what’s still going on with my eye. BTW, contact scarring you can’t see with the naked eye. I have no discomfort in my eye nor can you see I have scarring.

I said all this to say….watch your contact usage. If you see me out and I always have on my glasses for the past year and a half— it’s because of my contact usage. Just sharing this with you all in case it may help someone down the road. You can cause some serious issues by wearing your contacts all of the time. Switch them out and have healthy eyes.

I hope that I will be eligible for LASIK soon and that my eyes get better. I was totally disappointed because I had made it past the first round—but sadly there was some negligence on their part and it costed me time, anxiety prior to, and MONEY!

Save your eyes!! lol. Here are some dope glasses if you want some inexpensive alternatives:

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