Tia and Tamera

I have the awesome opportunity to be working with Tia from “The Game”. She is such an awesome person.I thought it would be cool to spotlight her and Tamera. It was so funny, when I first met her I told her she was one of my inspirations to go curly. It was great to see African American and Bi-racial women wearing their hair curly on TV in the 90’s. I loved their style.

I’ve been a fan forever. Since Sister, Sister…Twitches, Twitches Two, Hot Chick …and my favorite movie with the twins- Seventeen Again- among other movies/shows

I know you all remember their gorgeous curls

When they got a little older on the show, they straightened there hair which also looked great.

As they got older, you can see them in both styles. Mostly straight, but throwing in curly looks from time to time.

Here they are recently (within past year)

They are beautiful! Wanted to share their cute styles