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Throwback Thursday: Lexi’s Style Through the Years + Giveaway

Throwback Thursday: Lexi’s Style Through the Years + Giveaway

So, it’s Thursday…and we all know what that means: Throwbacks! I have the ULTIMATE throwback post for you today.  For those of you who have known me for a while or have watched my growth, you know that I have changed my style multiple times. From hair to fashion, it is ever-changing with me.  So, in celebration of my own personal style journey, I’ve teamed up with Motions® Hair Care (a brand also celebrating a style milestone – its 20th Anniversary!) to do a little personal retrospective and share with you some of my signature style moments over the last 10 or so years.

So…as most of you know, I went completely natural in 2003 via a big chop. At that time, Motions was 10 years on the scene as a style authority for women with textured hair.

Then let’s fast forward to 2006:

This was my senior year of college and my hair had grown quite a bit from my big chop 3 years previous. While it is shrunken, I was always so amazed at how it stretched really well!

Fashion: Wellllll, let’s just say I didn’t know how to dress for my shape at the time. Since I have a full bust, I would NEVER, EVER wear a turtleneck nowadays. It makes you look even bigger. And take a look at that original Motions packaging! Crazy how much can change over 10 years…



This was for my college’s homecoming weekend. I love to experiment with weaves. But at that time, I didn’t really know how to blend them  and I resorted to a lot of pinned back styles to conceal that. (Now, I am on point with blending!!) By this time, Motions had also changed their style with a new logo and packaging.



I think this was the year of me getting a little more confident and experimenting with fashion.  I LOVE to go to fashion blogs and try to find styles that match my personality. Even though each person has their own fashion-sense, I am one of those people that needs inspiration.

Big earrings were my thing- especially leather earrings at the time. Also, prints and rompers I was REALLY into. I am actually still into those. I started paying more attention to the quality of items I was purchasing and I even bought my first Diane Von Furstenburg dress (top left)

For my hair, I played around with more “funky” styles that I normally wouldn’t have tried. I also did a lot of updo styles and roller sets.  I had more free time to do styles that took a little longer.

2010 -12010 mid2010-32010


Leggings! I was (and still kinda am) obsessed with leggings. I am the “casual queen.” I’d rather be comfy than hurting! I will take leggings, Tory Burch flats, and an oversized t-shirt any day of the week over painful heels and an uncomfortable outfit. I like to complement a relaxed look, with natural hair (pun intended!) Luckily, this is also when Motions entered the natural textures market with their Naturally You line.


Now, fast forward to 2013…I’m ALLLL about ethnic prints and flowly waves. I scour the malls, online boutiques and thrift stores looking for cool prints.

For hair, I am all about classic styles: big waves, flowy hair, and wand curls! Wand Curls are totally my thing and they can be done on my natural hair and on extensions!! I just love that you can create curls/waves that are structured but un-structured at the same time to create a natural effect. Sometimes I use the new Straight Finish collection from Motions before wanding my hair – it creates a really clean, frizz-free base for the perfect waves.

photo 3motions4

As you can see, my style and hair has definitely changed over the years! And… do you notice something else? So has Motions.  In honor of their 20th anniversary, Motions is launching a new look for all of their products – starting with the Straight Finish collection. With a new logo, richer colors (still gold and purple!) and product benefits clearly listed on the packaging so we shop-a-holics can grab-and-go when running through the aisles.

And so, in the spirit of throwbacks, Motions and I are giving away a retro vinyl from one of my personal naturalista style icons: Solange Knowles!

saint-heron That’s right – Solange has just released the debut album, Saint Heron, from her new record label, Saint Records, and we have 5 vinyl albums + digital downloads just for you!  To enter to win, be one of the first 5 people to spot the new Motions packaging in a store near you, and post a pic to Twitter or Instagram tagging both me (@CurlyGirlLexi on Twitter…@LexiwiththeCurls on IG) and Motions (@MotionsHair).  Motions will also throw in a full set of the Straight Finish collection!

Good luck!!

Disclosure: This post was created in sponsorship with Motions® Hair Care, a product line by Unilever.