Thrifting Guide From Looking Fly On A Dime

Thrifting Guide From Looking Fly On A Dime


Popular blogger/Affordable Style Expert Patrice Williams of has created a thrift shopping guide. I am sooo excited!

In my personal adventures in thrifting, I have scored high end items for $5 and under. On one thrifting adventure we found a vintage Christian Dior suit for $1….You read that right, one dollar!! But don’t be fooled, there is a method to thrifting and can be overwhelming to some. For me it’s still¬†overwhelming. I used to go almost every weekend because it was a thrill to me! Going in and not knowing what you will find is so exhilarating.


Patrice helps you combat your fears in the thrift stores and helps you plan out how to shop to get the best deals!  Check out deets about her e-book:

“Designer dresses for less than $1? A bag full of clothing for 25 bucks? These are just some of the deals you can find at a thrift shop. While secondhand stores have amazing deals and steals, there’s a serious intimidation factor associated with them. Exactly how do you thrift shop and do so without losing your patience?

Looking Fly on a Dime breaks down the best tips and tricks to land major thrift store scores.

The book helps you:
-Prepare before your visit: how to find a prime shop, the best days to visit and what you should wear (trust me, your thrifting outfit is important).
-Strategize while you shop: what section of the store you should attack first, how to find unique treasures in a sea of clothing and ways to determine if an item is worth buying.
-Sanitize and style: easy solutions to clean your new-to-you clothing and pro styling tips to create a standout style that looks like a million bucks.

After reading Looking Fly on a Dime, you’ll realize thrift shopping is easier than you think. Your closet and your wallet will thank you.”

She aims to “debunk so many thrifting myths ” because we all know there are many. I read the book and I am ready to get back out there again!!!! You learn all about prepping and where to shop, strategizing, sanitizing to styling! This is a great read and will really help you in your journey to “make the cheap look chic”. You can purchase her e-book for $2.99 on