Thrifting Finds

I thought I would share. I am really getting into thrifting hard….a little too hard actually. I am obsessed. I’ve been going every weekend…but I’m not spending much money so its all good. Here are some items I picked up over the past 3 weeks.

Excuse the horrible hair. It was 1 in the morning when I took these.  Anyway, this dress was $2.34 from Value Village.

This is from Value Village as well. 2.34 also

This is from Value Village as well. 2.34….please excuse the tan was late…

This is from Poor Little Rich Girl (Vintage Boutique) .. $10 …I should’ve worn another color belt and should’ve worn it a little lower. They had a $10 sale and everything in the store was $10! Great sale.

This was from Poor Little Rich Girl as well ($10). The top is lined with pearls around the neck. Really dainty and feminine.

This was purchased at Goodwill. $5.00 (and some change). I think it was handmade. There were no tags.

This is from Goodwill as well. 100% silk blazer. $5.25

This blazer is from Poor Little Rich Girl and was on sale for $5

This is from Back By Popular Demand – a consignment store. This blazer was $1 !!!!…yep, 4 quarters

This one was from Back By Popular Demand too, $1 also. I know its navy and I have on black stuff. Its just for the pictures.

This was from Goodwill! My very first day thrifting EVER. It was $4.35

I know this is not hair related but it is a new hobby of mine and wanted to share. I am really loving vintage clothes lately…and even more loving the prices!! I can’t see how I can pay full price for anything anymore. lol.