Three Strand Twists- My first attempt

This is my first attempt at 3 Strand Twists and I caught on soooo quickly. I kept seeing people talk about three strand twists and wondered what they were. How could you possibly twists with 3 sections? As soon as I started watching videos I had my “Aha” moment.  I see people on some videos get frustrated, etc…but it was quite an easy process. I only got caught up one time and braided it lol. I then took it out and re-did it. I did these so I can see what a Three Strand Twist Out would look like. I feel like it will give a more defined look than two strand twists…but we’ll see.

I used Qhemet Biologics Alma and Olive Heavy Cream. Here are some pics. You can see the difference between two strand twists and three strand twists very easily. Here are some pics:


curly comments!

  • they look good! i need to learn the technique, see if they hold up better as a protective style than regular twists.

  • Tabitha Thompson

    Can’t wait to see the results.

  • Tabatha

    What worked for me was repeating,” right over left”. You are constantly taking the right strand over the left. Hope that helps someone and I can’t wait to see the twist out results.

  • Ashanti

    I’m sooo ready for you to post the results please

  • This looks great!