Three Looks With Two Flat Twists

I was hanging over at the other day and saw her cute Milk Maid hair style with her extensions. I thought that would be really cute. So I decided to try out a couple of different style using flat twists on the side (to conceal the color difference until I get that together lol).

I started out doing large flat twists on both sides and twisted all the way down

For the first look, I took both twists and made one big twist and secured the end

For look #2, I took the double braid and folded it in half and secured it like this:

Look #3, I put the double twists in a big bun by wrapping it around and securing with a ponytail holder.

This is the look from the front:

Not perfect or anything, but kind of that semi-messy, something easy I can do really quickly and head out the door. The whole point of me getting a weave is to stop messing with my hair so much so I definitely don’t want to have to do MORE work when I have extensions in.

Hope you liked these 3 looks. Do you have any quick go-to styles you like to do?