This is what happens when….


…I don’t wash my hair for a couple of days after a wash and go and Not twisting/braiding at night- A mess occurs. Sometimes I get in my zones especially when I am not working (Yes! Please hire me! 🙂 ) ….so this is it. I wouldn’t dare think of getting a comb through it or even my fingers…My fingers wouldn’t even be able to move if I put it near the roots.  (These pics are from last night and not today) My mom asks me today “Ummm, what are you going to do to your hair?” I’m like “Ummm, what are you talking about? My hair is fine” …lol It reminded me of my friend Alex (male) who is supposed to be a Guest Blogger for my site (Alex, Where are you???) Anyway,  on a blog that he writes for, he made a comment about Natural Girls and basically talking about the ones that just walk outside and don’t even try to do their hair- he even mentioned ladies that don’t comb their hair.  Back story- he is a LOVER of ANY woman with natural hair. Back to the story- The natural nazis came out and blasted him saying that it was a choice. This one guy even blasted him saying that natural women don”t use combs and that he knows for a fact. (What? lol ) lol So Alex BBM’d me rather inquisitive asking if we Comb our hair because this guy told him to not make fun of natural women not combing because they aren’t supposed to comb their hair.

I got what my friend was saying though…and I’ve seen people say it on Twitter too. They talk about the naturals they see out in public who kind of give us a bad name. I’m talking about myself and others out there.  There are certain times that I haven’t done my hair in like 5 days and it is just a matted, tangled mess and I WILL go out the house if I have to. I have to do better. I know it sends a bad message to newly natural women or women considering transitioning…but I just realized at this moment that I am a culprit of this. My boyfriend will definitely let me know when its time to wash or do my hair. He tells me all the time that my Youtube Subscribers and women that read my blog would be in shock if they saw my hair on a normal day.  It even effects guys and what they think about natural women.  Of course we should all get breaks from having hair freshly done, but I will definitely step it up. Do you just have your days or weeks where you just let your hair go? What do you think when you see Natural women out and their hair isn’t in the best shape? lol I’ve heard some of you all on Twitter say you wish you could just take some ladies you see on the street and give them every natural hair tip you know. Please let me know your thoughts.