Thin Hair? Try New Nioxin DiaMax Free!

I for one have far from thin hair. My hair is super thick. I do however, know alot of people with thin hair or thinning hair. One of the students at Spelman even asked Lawrence what to do with thinning hair. There are some solutions. One of my good friends uses NIOXIN and swares by it.

I want to share a new NIOXIN product with you that you might want to try (especially because you can get a full sized product free- see below)

DiaMax with HTX Technology is an intensive leave-in treatment that increases the thickness of each hair strand after just one use!

Here are some facts about this new product:

· Hair thickness is as dependent on each strand’s diameter as it is on the total number of hair strands.

· Each person has an average of 100,000 hair fibers on their head. DiaMax is proven to increase each strand’s diameter by about 4% – that’s like adding 4,000 hair strands!

· The first of its kind, this miracle technology was bred from ingredients commonly found in skincare and provides immediate results you can see.

Surprising Statistics About Thinning Hair:

· NIOXIN continuously looks to resolve unmet thinning hair needs and conducted a survey to determine women’s innermost thoughts and concerns on the topic. They unearthed some surprising stats!
· Did you know…
· Thinning hair is the second most worrisome sign of aging, second only to wrinkles
· 87% of women feel their hair is so important they consider it a part of their personality
· 57% of respondents would forgo coffee for 30 days in exchange for fuller, thicker hair
· 68% of participants are seeing more hair on their brush, shower drain and floor than usual

DiaMax launches in February 2012 and will retail for $50. However, starting today, NIOXIN is giving away free full-size samples to celebrate the launch!

Visit now through January 2nd to get an advanced sample of this hair care marvel!

Make sure you jump on this! The NIOXIN is proven to work really well to thicken up hair so if I were you, I wouldn’t miss out on getting this product for free.