The Woes Of Having Curly Hair via Buzzfeed

The Woes Of Having Curly Hair via Buzzfeed

One of my twitter followers sent me over this article that was posted yesterday on BuzzFeed about the woes of having curly hair! There was a guest appearance by ME! lol.

The article is compiled of tons of funny gifs and memes about some of the things we curly girls often think  about or say! Check some out:

From people just sticking their hands in your hair…


To the childhood pain of the comb:

To the awful (but hilarious) reaction of the hairstylists that see your hair lol (That’s Shannon from


Check out all the hilarious pics and gifs of the trials and tribulations of curly hair!

And look out for me in one of the pics! lol

You can read the full BuzzFeed article HERE