The NEW Hot Hair Accessory- Goody Double Wear

As my mom says, “Hey, I like your new necklace! Where’d you get it?” lol and I laughed and told her it was my new Goody Double Wear headband 🙂 I then showed her my bracelet too!

Have you heard about them yet? I heard about them a couple of months ago when they were a sponsor at an event and I saw people tweeting about it.

So  basically, these hair items double as jewelry. The headband doubles as a necklace and the pony tail holder doubles as a cool bracelet. Raise your hand if you currently have an old pony tail holder on your wrist right now!!! lol

It was so funny, because at Danielle ( and I’s event last week, we gave them to some of the ladies that were in attendance. I literally looked on people’s wrists to see who had on old, tired, ponytail holders around their wrist and literally I would say about 20% did.

I was so happy to introduce this new, cool accessory to the guests. We even had our models model them. People fell in love with them.

All I have to say is “GENIUS”

These will definitely be kept on my arm because I am known to have my hair out at the beginning of the day and put it in a ponytail in a heartbeat lol

Check out Goody’s new Double Wear!

Will you be rockin the new Double Wear items from Goody?