The Good Hair Debate on Life Changers w/ Dr. Drew & Kim Coles

Yay! I totally missed the episode of Dr. Drew’s Life Changers yesterday but of course EVERYONE on Twitter was talking about it.

Here is a good scene from the show about “Good Hair” and some of the guys chime in. Kim Coles leaves us with a great message:

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The thing I love about Kim Coles is that she doesn’t push natural hair on people, she just promotes self love!


Check out the Behind the scenes. I really do find it amazing because people of other races really don’t know or understand why hair is so deep in our culture. When they do find out they are so intrigued.

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I really do get tired of the “good hair” debate at times, but this wasn’t as much as I usually have seen it.

Did you watch the episode? What were your thoughts?