The Game- Recap

The GAME is BACK!!!!

I am so excited that The Game came back SOOOO hard. I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Tia Mowry and being on set with her so it was a blessing to be able to be behind the scenes and see all of these talented actors as they are making history. I personally don’t remember a time where we all came together to bring a show back. I mean this is SERIOUS. I wanted to give my thoughts on everything that abuzz on Twitter.

So I noticed on Twitter… ( I follow ALOT of people)…everyone was so critical of the girls.  The guys were all “They look good” ..but the ladies had stuff to say.

My thought on hair: I absolutely loved every female’s hair on the show. From Melanie’s long hair to Meagan Goode’s uber cute hair cut (man I wish I could cut my hair like that- but it would be gelled back everyday lol), to Kelly’s cute and modern hair cut, to Tasha Mack’s big waves, to TeeTee’s short lived gf. I mean the ladies on Twitter were BRUTAL but I loved all of their hair. Each person had their OWN unique style so I appreciated it. Why be so harsh on other females just because you don’t care for their style? (thats a whole other topic!!) The hair and makeup team did a great job!

Onto the show, I loved it. They brought the drama. As I saw several comments on Twitter/Facebook, the funny was down. I agree, the funny was down the first episode..but if it was all laughs and giggles then it wouldn’t have been such an epic comeback. There will be much more funny in future episodes.

People complained about Rick Fox not being there. People were so SERIOUS  about this that he was a trending topic lol. Everyone asked “What happened to Rick Fox?” ..

..on to Terrance J…He did an EXCELLENT job. I was really surprised honestly. I saw him on set but never watched any of his scenes but WOW he did an awesome job to be working with seasoned actors. Very proud of him and all he has accomplished.

Brit-Brat…Everyone thought the new “Brit Brat” looked waaayy too old…but in actuality, she really is 15 or 16. So 2 years later, I guess Brittany would have been maybe 13 or 14 so its not a long shot. They didn’t do closeups but she definitely doesn’t look grown. Maybe people were referring to her clothes, but thats how 13 y/o’s dress these days- they try to look grown.

Was Melanie right to swab the baby?  Damn right she was. Actually that should have been done as soon as the baby was born. That is definitely a life changing experience and it should have been done…I know it could’ve changed the dynamics of the father/mother relationship but since they knew Janay was with other guys not long before Derwin, it would have made sense. It just totally sucks that she told Derwin a little too soon. If I found out that my husband is not the father of the child he is taking care of, I would HAVE to tell him. Would you really be able to hold that in? Not to mention the fact that you have to pay child support for 18 years.

The Unlikeable person of the episode goes to : Malik hands down. Its obvious that he has changed. As you tell by the scene with the Sabers new owner, he is clearly bitter that Derwin is now the chosen one.

Cliffhanger: I absolutely LOVE the cliffhanger when Melanie finds out that the test was infact wrong…So will she tell Derwin or not?  I can’t wait to see the next episode.

What did you all think of the first episode?


curly comments!

  • Destinee

    I thought it was awesome! Definitely exceeded my expectations. I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode.

  • I loved the show last night! I’m so glad it’s back on….Now Melanie…I actually thought she was wrong for what she did. It’s been 2 years she should have pushed that issue at the beginning don’t wait 2 years. That man has grown attached to that baby now so regardless if the child was his or not that man feels that is HIS child. She should have just let it go. It’s been 2 years. But since she did the testing and it was wrong…she needs to be a good wife and admit her mistake and tell him that the child is his. If she don’t they that’s dirty and wrong of her. She needs to admit that she was feeling insecure then her and Derwin and work through this but she needs to do this soon. I really got into last night’s episode. This was good stuff!

  • Renee

    I’m glad it’s back. People take some things too seriously but I love the drama. I would rather watch it then live it. It’s entertainment people!