“The Game” Curly Andy Allo

TeeTee’s girlfriend on the premiere of The Game had a gorgeous set of curls. Her name is Andy Allo.  She is from Cameroon (West Africa) and she does it all- a singer, model, actor, dancer. Her hair in person was even more amazing than on the show. I just wanted to showcase her curls.

btw, There is another curly girl that will be in later scenes who has awesome curly hair too!


curly comments!

  • OMG!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • She IS beautiful! She was pretty on the 1st episode too but danng they made her look completely different!

  • Her hair is gorgeous. I was so happy to see us represented on television and “The Game”.

  • Mskinkydiva

    Her hair was breathtaking! Way to represent Curly Girl!

  • CurlyTopLori

    Obsolutely beautiful!

  • OMG I was dying to know who she was! Thanks for this post 🙂

  • She was so cute! She did an amazing job!

  • Novella L.

    I didn’t even recognize Andy on The Game and I know of her from buying
    her music. Her hair is indeed beautiful and she is a awesome singer too!