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Yay! I just saw UrbanBella owner Kaneesha Hudson on a CNN story!! This story is about people’s fascination with natural hair. I’m sure most of you have experienced people staring at your hair or even putting their hand out and touching it!?!  Some people get upset when people touch their hair without asking. I rarely have had people touching my hair without asking…but most generally do ask. All ethnicities. I DO feel like there is a fascination with it. I personally take it as curiosity from other races, and from the same race- not sure what it is…they know what black hair is like lol.

Check out the video:

Here is a snippet of the article:

So why the continuing fascination with natural hair, given that so many women of color are now rocking the style and have been for years?

Keneesha Hudson said that despite the growing number of women embracing their natural hair texture, it’s still considered unique.

Hudson is the owner/founder of Urbanbella, a company in Atlanta that specializes in helping women embrace their natural hair texture. She first went natural in 2002 when she did the “big chop” (cutting all of her processed hair off) so she could have the freedom to swim, she said, and today she sports a thick mane of natural curls.

“For the longest time we black women have been wearing our hair chemically straightened to a point where most of us really don’t know what our natural hair looks like,” Hudson said. “There’s a generation of us who have never even seen our hair in any form but straight except for baby pictures.”

Visitors to her salon will sometimes ask to touch her hair to establish that it is actually all hers and not a wig or a weave, she said, while still others are strangers who “sneak and touch it.”

“We love to go to the football games, and there’s a group of guys that sit behind us,” Hudson said. “One week, towards the end of the season, one of the guys in cheering just kind of laid his hands on my head like ‘Yeah!’ I said ‘That has nothing to do with cheering for the game,’ but I just find those little moments happen a lot.”


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