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The Extensions Are Out! Back To My Hair

The Extensions Are Out! Back To My Hair

Even though I had a blast playing with the extensions, I am back to my own hair. This was the LONGEST time I have EVER kept extensions in. Almost two months; 7 weeks strong.

With the exception of my scalp itching (totally normal), I had a great experience. The Scalp Soother totally helped me out.

Shawnda Dee helped me throughout the whole process teaching me how to thoroughly wash my hair and style it on my own.  I think I did a great job and have to pat myself on the back for that.

So after spending several hours Friday night until 2 in the morning (ughhh my fingers were hurting so bad), they were finally out. Too tired to wash it that night, the next day I went to town.

I used Motions and EDEN BodyWorks to throughly cleanse, detangle and condition my hair. I used my normal bottle with nozzle attachment to really get into my scalp.


I massaged my scalp to get all build up off and to thoroughly cleanse with the EDEN Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo because it makes my scalp tingle 🙂 . I focused more on the scalp than the hair. For the hair, I started with the EDEN Peppermint TeaTree conditioner and detangled in sections. My hair of course was very tangled due to my hair not being able to properly shed over the 2 months. All that shed hair was stuck in the non-shed hair. This process took about 20 minutes.

After my hair was thoroughly detangled, I went to my favorite deep conditioner Motion’s Naturally You Deep Conditioner Masque. I put that all over from root to the ends of the hair and smoothed it all over in sections. When I rinsed it out, my hair felt soo amazing. My scalp felt good, my hair felt good…it was great.

Sidenote- Doesn’t it feel great the first time you can really wash your hair after a weave or protective style?? It feels so great to really get in there!

So, I decided to not put any product on my hair. So I had Naked hair the whole weekend…and I actually liked it. I just wanted to leave it alone for a little while.

Here are some shots of my hair from the weekend:

At BabyShopaholic’s birthday

The birthday girl looks absolutely stunning!

Finished off the weekend with brunch with PursuitOfNappiness and Naturally Kela 

And there goes my weekend with my naked (no products in) hair!

Do you ever just go out without any products in your hair?