The Decadence! Tumeric and Coconut Food and Beauty Event Recap

I had an awesome time at Naturi Beauty’s Decadence event in Atlanta today. (Please see previous post HERE for details)  Firstly, her concept is so amazing. She loves food and natural hair so putting the two together was awesome.

What we focused on: Tumeric (a spice normally used in Indian food) and Coconut. This event teaches us how you can use the  two ingredients to make food as well as beauty products.

How was the food? AMAZING!! One thing owner Shelley says is that she is far from traditional, she likes to add her Naturi Beauty spin to all of her food. First we started with an appetizer of callaloo (spinach like vegetable used in Caribbean dishes) with wontons. Think pot stickers with callaloo on the inside.  which was delicioso. It was cooked in a light oil on both sides.

Next we had Rice and Peas which wasn’t your traditional Jamaican rice and peas, but she decided to do a mix of  the West Indian version with the Puerto Rican version. She used red kidney beans instead of pigeon peas. Coconut Milk was used to make the rice and peas.

Next we headed to the entree. We had a delicious Curry and Coconut Tilapia with Lemongrass. Firstly, let me tell you—I have never thought to pair Curry seasoning with fish at all but it was the BEST! I make very bland tilapia–I fry it or bake it. This was a great way to jazz it up and doesn’t take long at all. I will definitely be making this for my family when they come in town. This dish included Tumeric.

Lastly we had cupcakes!! Coconut-Ginger cupcakes to be exact. This was something different for me because I usually don’t do alot of ginger- I always take all the ginger off my plate when I order sushi. lol The ginger wasn’t overwhelming to me and the icing with coconut was amazing.

On to the beauty products:

First Shelley made a Tumeric Scrub. The scrub is super easy. You add water to tumeric until it becomes a paste and spread it over your face and neck. You can also add honey to it.  She told us about some rituals in India where women wash their body in tumeric.

The Hair Milk was a little more work than the tumeric scrub- but not much work at all. She had Avocado Oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut milk, Emulsifying wax, and water. ( I hope I’m not missing anything) There was a double boiler for the Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, water, and emulsifying wax. After it was all mixed, she took it off and added it to a mixing bowl. She then added Jojoba oil. Lastly, while using an electric mixer, everything was blended while slowly adding in coconut milk. At the end, water was added until the consistency is as you desire. The consistency was amazing. To me it looked like a pudding. In the images below you can see how it started and how it ended up.

Overall Review: A+ When you are done with the event, you definitely feel satisfied. You got to eat amazing food and find out how to make it as well as you get to take the beauty products that were made home with you. I was able to make two small bottles of the Hair Milk . I can’t wait to try a twist set with the Hair Milk. Shelly had an amazing twist out using the same Hair Milk. We also got an application of the Tumeric Scrub. I can’t wait to try it out and see how my skin feels. This was definitely an amazing event and I thoroughly suggest you all try out the next one.

Her next event is in New York in January and I’m sure she will have another event in Atlanta in the next coming months. I can’t to find out what ingredients will be used in the next Decadence! ATL event.

Check out her website at . Thank you again to Naturi Beauty for sponsoring the contest on my blog 🙂 Also, please check her blog to find the recipes for these amazing dishes and beauty products that she will post soon.