The Crown I Wear- by Tawni

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My Natural Hair Journey.

So I did it. I decided to do the BC in November 09. For those of you who don’t live in natural hair land, that means I did the big chop or cut off the rest of my relaxed hair.  My texture was so beautiful to me when I first got my stylist to cut it but when I got home I could’ve cried. My hair had dried and was puffy and short and just sitting there. I was the fly cut having, different color trying, not afraid to rock the weave type of chick. I lived in the salon, even worked in a few as an assistant so my look was so important to me. Now I don’t consider myself vain, but I am the one who tries to look like something, at least something decent. At that point I knew I had to educate myself, better than I had during my transition phase, and learn what to use and what I can do to my hair. Fast forward to now, I am almost at a year of being natural and I must say I love it. YouTube became my study guide, natural sites and pages on facebook served as my inspiration. I learned what to use and even how to style my hair, (I never did my own hair when it was relaxed). I gained a different type of confidence in myself, one that was centered around my hair, mainly because I made a complete change and still could hold my head just as high. I owe my decision to transition to my stylist Shone Swain of Lithonia who told me for years I had beautiful hair and others would tell me that is was thick and healthy but I accounted that to the fact that it was relaxed. My stylist told me with my texture I should go natural, I told her she should swiftly apply that relaxer sitting behind her. After awhile I thought why not see what natural does for me, after all I had worn almost every style and I loved change. So I put down the “creamy crack” and with her help my hair transitioned with no shedding and with a lot of ease. Now that I am officially natural I get a lot of compliments, yes even from men, I am stopped in Publix and asked how I achieve looks, and  people reach out to me on a regular for natural hair advice. It is all humbling to me because it shows that the world isn’t as superficial as some make it out to be and now that I have embraced my natural kinks and curls people find beauty in it. I love twist outs, I try to add variety to my puffs, and I am always looking for a funky style to try. I am looking forward to my hair growing out so I can be a part of the big curly hair don’t care committee. Most importantly, I can now  proudly say that this crown I wear is all my own and fits perfectly.

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Lexi-     Thank you so much Tawni for sharing your natural hair story. It is so great you had a stylist help you out on the way. You have several stylist who try to convince clients to stay relaxed so it’s refreshing stylists are encouraging their clients to go natural.

I too think it is awesome that people aren’t as superficial as we think. Alot more people than we think LOVE natural hair and they are very inquisitive.  I love it!

Thanks Tawni for sharing your story!


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  • Tawni,

    Where do i start?? I have been on the journey with you and watching the RELAXED SHORT/LONG WEAVE Don’t care Tawni become into this beautifully NATURAL HAIR PRINCESS you are. Thanks for the inspiration because your natural look inspired me to just do the BC (as you called it), w/o friends like u around me going natural and feeling beautiful i know i wouldn’t have done it. Well you know i Think your hair ROCKS, and it looks AWESOME on u. SO big ups to you and thanks for sharing your story, hope you inspire so many people through your words about natural hair, as you have done in person for me. Love you girl

    Love Ivoire @princessivoire

  • MAYgem

    Great Article Tawni, Thanks for posting Lexi. I know Tawni personally and she always rocks great natural dos. CAU alums stand up. lol!

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Yay CAU!!! c/o 06

  • LaNise

    Great Story! I don’t know Tawni but I am a CAU alum! Class of 2007! 🙂