The Box Braids Are Out…And How-To Tangles/Matting

a matted mess!!! lol Remind me to make sure I wash my hair more often when having braids in! With my actual hair, I have to wash my hair every 4 days but for some reason, I didn’t practice the same or even a similar regimen.

So firstly, my braids weren’t in a shape that I had to take them out. I only had them in about 6 weeks. My hair had grown out alot, but nothing too bad. I really took them out because I have an event coming up at The Essence Music Festival in a couple of weeks and I wanted my real hair out and big and free. So here is the new growth:

And here is the huge pile of braid hair after about 3 hours I would say of taking them out.

So… onto the bad part…I took my braids out and the part where the braid started was a matted, tangled mess. Of course because I have been using products throughout, there was buildup at that point.

Here is how it looked:

Doesn’t look bad in the picture, but it was definitely matted at the root of almost every single braid.

I rinsed my hair and focused the shampoo on the scalp and not the hair hoping to loosen up those tangles. I then put on some conditioner and left it on for hours while I ran some errangs.

When I got back home, I rinsed and then was prepared to start my journey of detangling. OMG… I had NO idea what I was in for. I surely wasn’t preparing for 2 hours of detangling in the shower. I literally had to detangle in about 10 sections.

Whenever your hair is matted like that you have to take certain steps.

  1. Use tons of conditioner! Lots and lots where the hair is tangled. For this operation, I tend to use cheapie shampoo. I don’t want to use my “good stuff” when I have to use alot. This is for detangling purposes mostly.
  2. Use your fingers to detangle as much as possible before whipping out the comb.Gentle separate the tangles from bottom to top. The key word is gentle. It’s really easy to want to be aggressive at this point because you  may get frustrated. You don’t want to lose hair in the process.
  3. Then I whip out my paddle brush and comb through until it goes through with ease.
  4. If there are some small areas that still won’t budge, I take that very small section and use a fine tooth comb to gentle get the tangle out. (Don’t go overboard with this comb though!)

Ugghh! After 2 hours I am tangle free!!!