“That product didn’t work in my hair”

I hear this comment so much. “That product didn’t work in my hair”  . Why didn’t it work? Your hair didn’t grow down your back overnight? You didn’t get those 3b curls? What is the real reason why something “doesn’t work” for your hair? I think we have to give products some time. You can’t expect a miracle in one sitting. In order to see if a product really “works”, you honestly need to try it for a couple of days or even weeks…using different amounts…different styles..etc.. to see if it really works. I can’t use a product once and decide I don’t like it. Next time you try a product in your hair and immediately think it doesn’t work, you should think about trying it a couple of times using different amounts of product and even different styles like twist sets, braid outs, wash and go’s etc.  Some products may not be good for wash and go’s but great for twist outs. Give products a chance. You paid your money so don’t give up on products in one sitting.

*I’m not saying that everyone that says a product doesn’t work is because they have unrealistic expectations. I have just recently seen so much about people and comparison and it’s bothering me. I was at the eye doctor today and this girl asked what I had in my hair because my hair still had its curl pattern (for her daughter). Another lady in the waiting room proceeds to say that I have “good hair” and insinuated that the other girl’s daughter probably didn’t. Of course I was upset, but I don’t get into hair with ANYONE because people are sensitive about hair- especially not some ladies in the street.  This comparison thing is getting out of hand…