Tempest Bledsoe in Sophisticate’s Black Hair

If you have this month’s Sophisticate’s Black Hair, then you probably ran across an article on Tempest Bledsoe and her natural hair.

“I style my hair myself with different twists and braid-outs”


She says, “I’ve worn my hair completely Natural for over 10 years..I think women of color need to learn how to handle their natural state because it’s not something we’ve been culturally encouraged to do for a long time.”

“I shampoo my hair using a strong cleansing shampoo and follow up with a Creme of Nature shampoo because it moisturizes my hair doesn’t strip its natural oils…  I also use the Neutrogena Triple Moisture  Deep Recovery Hair Mask because I love deep conditioning my hair.”


Here is Tempest with a wig for some promos for Style Network’s Clean House. Check her out.