Tell ‘Em Solange! My Response To The Hate

I was checking on Twitter today and saw someone mention Solange so I went to check out her Twitter page to see what was up! I was shocked to see her rant about hair and I totally agree with what she was saying! Apparently someone sent her a tumblr post that was basically questioning “Have we gone too far talking about other people’s hair?”…. In a positive way, No…in a negative way, Yes! I for one never see someone’s hair and say “She should’ve done this! She should’ve done that. She needs to do a twist out”. Everyone is free to rock their hair how they want. Plus, what does some other chick’s hair have to do with me and my well-being? Absolutely nothing!

After reading the article I am actually very shocked that on the article the person on the tumblr mentioned, it was alot of Solange Knowles hate! I respect and love Solange for the fact that she is an individual and she wears her hair any way she wants! I admire a women who sets trends and wasn’t even trying to nor cares to set trends. She is just doing her. I have gotten into mini disagreements with people who always have something to say about how Solange should do her hair…so exactly!! Who are we to say what someone else should do to their hair??!

I know that Solange didn’t sign up to be “President of the Natural Hair Fan Club”, but she is one of my favorites (and several others)- and it has nothing to do with her texture, length or anything else– it has more to do with her versatility and starting her own trends… I agree with her when she has the “it’s just hair” attitude (even though I do feel hair is important and has been for centuries) . While I do have a hair blog, anyone that knows me can tell you I have the same attitude. “It’s just hair”. Hair grows back!!  I dye my hair blonde and use all the products that all the “natural nazi’s” said not to use. I straighten my hair and do whatever I want to my hair. Why?? Because it’s MY hair and it will grow back. I love to have fun with my hair and I don’t want any limitations.

I remember I got really frustrated one day when I saw people in a forum questioning my hair decisions “She already burned her hair, why would she ever get her hair straightened again? Didn’t she learn” or “She didn’t put that much heat protector on her hair”… So! Why do they care so much?? I can cut off my hair and it will grow back so what’s the big deal? (That’s why I hate forums) I am not comparing myself in any way to Solange, because I am sure she gets hella people commenting on what she should and shouldn’t do but I have seen it myself. And whether someone cares or not what someone has to say, eventually it can be frustrating to see negative comments about something that wasn’t a big deal to you in the first place.

I am very sorry these negative people and their comments make her feel this way, but it happens.  At the end of the day, I know she didn’t ask to be a Natural Hair Icon…but she has become one which brings on the haters!  (ughh I hate the term “haters”. It’s so overused, but I think works in this case) When I say “Haters”, I mean people who feel the need to make negative comments towards someone else.

Let her do her! (Read her tweets from bottom to top)