Tackling Heat Damage Head On

Tackling Heat Damage Head On

So it happened to me again…heat damage! After one straightening, unfortunately my hair was permanently altered. I guess I was in over my head. I assumed because my hair held up so well with the platinum blonde that it would be fine straightening. But both combined was a no go.

I am no newbie to heat damage- in my 13 years of being natural I have had heat damage at least 4 or 5 times. It was always be weird patches that would be damn near straight and everything else super kinky and my normal curls and coils. So this time was no different. I don’t cry or get upset about it. At the end of the day, any natural who gets their hair straightened should know the risk of heat damage. It’s ALWAYS a risk…doesn’t matter how good you think your stylist is or anything else. It happens.

Right before I went to Ghana I saw all the damage and knew it would get in the way on the trip because it would be hanging in front of my face and not puffed up like usual. Here is what it looked like:


That’s ALOT of inches of straight hair!! :/

One day I just went into the bathroom and cut about 80% of the straight ends because I ended up having to put in too much work and do twist outs and such. The reason why I cut my hair was because I wanted low maintenance and to just do my typical wash and goes and if I want to get fancy- can do a twist out or coil out.

You will hear all of these remedies for heat damage and some may “reverse” some…but for the most part, when the follicle is damaged there really isn’t much you can do. I gave it 2 months at this point. Sometimes you just have to let it go!!!


So the moral of the story- really light color OR straightening…both is a disaster if you still want your curls intact. So since I prefer color over straight hair I will continue to color and if I want my hair straight wear a weave or wig. I just don’t wear my hair straight enough times to make it a priority…but color is my thing!!

Oh, so I will definitely be getitng my hair cut professionally next week to get rid of all of the heat damage and just start over. Good thing that I’m not trying to grow out my hair right now! I am loving #TheCutLife 🙂