Summer Hair Color Ideas + New Color Trend “Chalking”

So I took out the braids!  So now my roots look hideous! Dark, dark brown roots and blonde on the remainder. Not a good look (Even though I used to go inches and inches). My Dad always gets on me though. “When are you going to get your roots dyed!?” lol. So now I am more cautious about that.

So I am going to whip out the Dark & Lovely in Light Golden Blonde. My favorite color! I am thinking about dying my entire head instead of just the front portion but I kinda like the effect when I wear it down. The blonde on top and the dark on the bottom.

But then… I was in the elevator and saw this girl who had her hair my color, but with pink about 6 inches on the bottom! It was sooo cute! Most of yall know, I work in an industry where I can pretty much do whatever to my hair. I am REALLY thinking about doing pink on the bottom. I thought about turquoise at one point like Teyana Taylor’s hair…but I think pink is hot a la Kelis.

I was perusing on StumbleUpon and came across this site that talked about a new hair color trend “Chalking”. Of course I was thinking “WTH is this? And how can chalk give you a new hair color??” I was thinking chalk would look very powdery on hair and would make it dull! (my new favorite beauty site addiction) shares how to do this new trend. You literally take colored soft chalk pastels and “draw it” on your hair. If you hair is light like mine, you don’t have to add water. The color should be vibrant. If your hair is darker, you have to add water with it. I’m not too sure how well this would take on dark hair!I can’t imagine chalk being able to temporary color dark hair.

Well, you know I am going to try it! I want some color but am so nervous about the bright colors! Especially because most temporary colors won’t come completely out! With chalking, it is said to go away completely after washing!

After that, brush the excess powder off. They also said to watch out for your clothes that day!!! The powder may get on your clothes throughout the day!

I’m going to try it out!!! I may try two colors. I will definitely share pictures of the process to see how it works

Check out the chalking deets here

Would you try this?