Summer Getaway Essentials!!

Summer Getaway Essentials!!

It’s officially summer now that my birthday has hit (My birthday is the first day of summer) and since I headed to the Bahamas to soak up some sun, I had to be fully prepared. My biggest concerns are alway hair, clothes, travel sized products, skincare!



I brought my Noxzema original skincare products with me because the sun, dirt and just elements of bring outside all day I need something to deep clean.

Sunscreen is a HUGE deal for me! I get sunburn pretty easily if I am out in the sun so I like to put sunscreen on every couple of hours to protect my skin.


Eeekk! This is the first time I have gone on vacation in a LOOONNNGG time without extensions. I usually get extensions because it’s easier while I’m on vacay. Since I was rocking my own hair, I needed to bring products to protect it. I made sure to bring my Motions products! I brought some sample sized conditioners and shampoo. I know I will need to deep condition daily after the salt water and chlorine.


Sunnies and beach clothes are an essential! I can’t go anywhere without my swimwear and sunglasses. I made sure to pack ┬ámy Ray-Ban sunglasses and my uber cute bathing suits from Bare Necessities and ASOS.


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